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Discussion in ' The Newbie Zone ' started by robbuoOct 20, Log in or Sign up. EverQuest Forums. Solo Mage? Hello Everyone, So I am considering coming back and I was wondering, rather than boxing which I did on my last run on this game. With that said I have picked a Mage, the idea being that I can use the Merc as my tank till 65ish or farther if I go VIP or all access or whatever and then switch my merc to healer and use my pet.

How far can I get with this setup? I don't plan on raiding just doing zones. I am used to having Sow and clarity up with the boxes so I was wondering how well Mages solo till and can anyone suggest a guide for leveling up? I know with Mana you can get it up quickly cause of OOC mana regen but how much slower will I level having to stop fighting more often without clarity?

Exactly how far through the group tiers depends a lot on what SOE have nerfed in the latest expansion, etc. Certainly max level with a decent pet focus and mid-tier group gear.

If you are well equipped and AAed and grinding light blues, drop the merc, you don't need it. Magicians do have remarkably poor mana regen, so make good use of clarity potions and rods. If you're doing hot zone quests for exp this won't be a significant problem, but it can be a limiting factor when grinding. Borek-VSOct 20, A Mage is pretty much hands down the best class for what you want to accomplish. I can't speak for future expansions, but assuming you take the take to gear up and work your AAs, there is very little group content that you couldn't molo eventually.

Lots of people suggest tank mercs for the early levels, but any merc will make you successful. Raptorjesus5Oct 20, As Borek said, mana is the crutch. On one hand you want to blast through the mobs as fast as you can, on the other you dont want to med after every 3 kills. A healer merc helps a lot in the later levels as your pet will NEED heals assuming at level even con mobs. In my current content having a healer merc out is worth it as it means I have to med less.

Take a good long look through your spells, divide the damage they do by the amount of mana they cost, always cast the spells that do the most damage per point of mana. Bottom line is that Mages can be extremely efficient, as long as your pet is not dying and you don't mind taking a bit longer to kill things albeit faster than most leveling classes. The best leveling path I have found is the following: 1. Skip the tutorial and grind out in Cresant Reach.

Head north as you level and go from cave to cave ending at the north of the zone with all the undead. This should get you to level 20 in about an hour. Next head to Blightfire Moors, head northeast until you see a bunch of giant white rats.

Head to the giant fort, kill wandering mobs and clear the fort as you cam you may need a level or 2 before you can clear it efficently.

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Again still using your tank merc and your highest level pet. This is the fastest XP I have ever seen in the game. The constant stream of low hit point mobs move your XP bar far faster than it ever should!

Head down into the Acrylia Cavers, clear your way through to the very back, camp the back for a few levels, then click on the statue to teleport into the higher level area. You can level to 60 here quite easily. It took me about hours to get to 60, but the zone was empty and again, I play on FV with the exp bonus.Mage solo xp post nerf guide.

Basics: The general theory behind pet kiting is letting the DS do all the work. This means melee mobs are the best way to make this work, and for some mages, the only way. When your cast bar is a sliver away from finished you hit go away on your pet and then instantly send your new pet in.

Now It's important to keep in mind, you DO NOT dmg the mob in any way or the new pet will not be able to gain agro on the mob. It is because all the agro that was on your previous pet is poofed into oblivion.

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That also mean no healing pets. You simply rinse and repeat this process till the mob starts to flee. When the mob starts running you poof your current pet using your reclaim energy spell or clicky NOT the go away command this timethen cast 1 nuke. If that nuke does not kill the mob but still take over half the remaining health, simply summon another pet for the next mob and let it finish it off while you med.

And BAM you get full exp evertime. This kind of lvling cannot be attempted until lvl four. That being said really only twinks at lvl 4 can pull it off with ease.

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IMO wait till around if ur a non twink. Also it is heavy on the reagent use so many low lvls cannot afford to lvl this way at first.

Everquest Leveling Guide 1 – 95

Here are my tips, pet guides, and suggested spots if you do decide to go it this way, TIPS 1 It is actually ok to heal or nuke if you think 1 pet will do the job till the mob runs. This can be an advantage. The mob will initially agro on you but once it realizes you have a lot of health which you should it will start to run. But if you are in a tangle with a caster, see if u can time the poof at the start of a cast. The mob will continue trying to cast and essentially be rooted, giving your pet enough time to get to it, get a taunt in, and possibly a proc.

Hopefully gaining agro before mob starts to chase you. In this situation at higher lvls use the spell "Burst of Flame". It is a great long range 5pt dmg nuke that is awesome for pulling and pets can easily out agro it. Its only manna to cast compared to the That is why the PoHate staff is so crucial. In fact many mages find it safer and easier to use earth pet and then cast DS on it. Here is a rundown of how the different pets can be used.

Fire Pet -In general the best to use from It grabs agro quickly and keeps it even if you nuke.While it is fastest to level in Hotzones, it is always good to have options on where to level.

In this guide i will list the zones by tier where you can level the fastest in Everquest. This is one of the few guides that is updated for Veil of Alaris all the way up to level 95! The best way to level in Everquest is by using the Hotzones. These are zones that give a substansial bonus to experience while adventuring in this zone.

Special augments will also randomly drop in these zones. Everquest have quite a few ways to increase experience gain and in this guide i will show you what these are. These are certain ways to increase your leveling rate. Veteran Rewards are skills players gain when their accounts have been active for a long enough period of time. Xp potions can be bought through the SOE store and come in all different types.

p1999 Everquest level 34-40+ The Overthere Quad Kiting

If you are a gold member with a recurring plan you will get station cash for free every month that you can spend on Xp potions. Xp potions can also be acquired through the Legends of Norrath card game accessible through Everquest. The potions come in most of the sets but not in all of them. Xp potions are also available as rewards from completing scenarios in Legends of Norrath. This is probably the easiest and cheapest way to acquire XP potions. Hotzones are zones that give you a substantial increase in experience while hunting in them.

These zones are the recommended zones to use while leveling. To see a list of current hotzones go to:. Every now and then Everquest will have special events like anniversaries, Christmas events, etc.

Quite often these events will feature bonus xp for all players during a few days.

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Bonus xp weekends usually gives double xp and comes along every couple of months. These are the zones you will start out in, and learn the ropes of the game if this is your first toon. The Tutorial is recommended, but Crescent Reach is a viable choice as well. The mines of Gloomingdeep is the starting area and tutorial for Everquest. Although grinding is more efficient than questing in Everquest, it is recommended that you do these quests for the first 10 levels.

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The tutorial is the recommended way of leveling from 1 to 10 in Everquest when you first create a new character talk to the barbarian standing next to you, Arias. He will ask you to complete a quick task for him, finished the task and you will be ported to the main area of the mines. You will now be in a cave with a lot of NPCs, most of these have a purpose. Like teaching you about things in the game, to buy or sell things from, or to give you quests.

You can also hire mercenaries from one of them.

Solo Mage?

Talk to all of the NPCs that offer you missions, complete these missions and come back and accept the new ones. Further into the mines you will find guard Hobart and Guard Maddoc.

mage solo guide eq

They will offer you quests from level 4 and up. Even further in you will find more NPCs that offer you quests, accept all of these quests and finish them. As you enter Crescent Reach go east until you come to an area with leaf drakes, spiderlings, and skeletons. Stay here for until you are at around level 4.

mage solo guide eq

You should now move a bit north to an area with bears and pumas. You can now move a bit further north to the areas with the gnolls and skeletons.Posts: Joined: Thu Mar 08, pm. So I'm looking to put together a complete leveling and AA guide for where to go etc. So if you can and would like to contribute to this I would and I'm sure future Mages would appreciate your effort. I will go back and edit this post as more additions are necessary.

Posts: Joined: Mon May 18, am. Posts: 4 Joined: Fri Dec 19, pm. Once the mobs go green for you head to the hole. That place should hold you until 71 or 72 IIRC. The gem drops are great. Hot zone and the daily. No merc was needed for heals. I got in a Grounds group from 73 until 83 on Saturday. Loping Plains crocodiles - Dark blue and very easy. Need to watch out for roaming bears and frogs if not using merc.

The go light blue once you hit I read on the hunting forums that a Mage can solo it but I just did not find that possible. Every time I tried I would get the first 2 pulls solo then the third pull would always be 4 mobs and pet died within seconds. Is there some way as a Mage to split mobs I just dont understand? Posts: Joined: Wed Jul 09, pm.

What's your gear like? The Cooper HAs are a bit rough, but the other ones should be doable. You can use Companion of Necessity or either of your fades to split. They definitely won't be up every pull, but they should be available for the trickier ones. Worst comes to worst, activate some defenses and burn the mobs down. If tanking is an issue, make sure you block Promised Heals and HoTs on your pet.

Without more specifics, it's tough to give a more in depth answer. I am currently level 95 and have EM8 as my pet focus and most of my gear is level The first 2 pulls come as single and my pet easily tanks them.

On pull 3 I have never been able to get less then 4. I am not familiar with Companion of Necessity or Fades so I will look into those. Are there easier HAs to solo? Post Re: Leveling Guide Fri Mar 13, am With companion of necessity it will blur up to two mobs if i remember. Basically just target a mob that is in the group of 4, two should attack the CoN pet, two should follow you. Jump to.New to the Magician class or just rusty in general? For all of you Gnomish heartthrobs out there, this is the place to start.

This guide is written for the untwinked beginner mage that just wants to level up quickly. You can get to level 20 in less than 24 hours if you are lucky with the mobs, with the longest level taking up to 2 hours to get.

You will not make a ton of cash following this guide. The money will be just enough to get you by with your spells and some spending money. Orzeszek Timer is a Windows application that pops a timer window on your screen.

If you are playing full screen then this might be more trouble than keeping a stopwatch handy, but you can have multiple instances up and keep track of various spell durations.

Since you want mobs to run so your pet can kill them without taking any damage towards the endthe earth pet is out of the running. You also want the pet's special ability to do damage, so the air pet is also eliminated. This leaves the water and fire pets. Every guide and post I've found here says fire is better for soloing.

I've tried both fire and water pets in the low levels, and my verdict is that fire is a horrible pet. It gets killed quickly and the damage shield doesn't make up for its lack of power.

The water pet on the other hand nukes as hard as the fire pet, has way more HP, kicks and bashes really hard at early levels, and with your damage shield makes up for the lack of an innate one. This guide uses the water pet for now, so modify your tactics if you want to use a different pet. When you summon a pet it will be a random level within a given range. That means the pet could be weaker than you wanted.

When you summon a pet, see what it cons to you. Also check the chart to see what the max level pet for your spell is. If you are level 4 and you summon a yellow pet, it could be 5 or 6.

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mage solo guide eq

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If an exception is made, we ask simply that you do not spam and you post within reason. Heroic Mage Guide self. Hello I have been playing mage for a very long time, i am no expert but believe i can help out some new players with information on starting a heroic mage or just some info on mages themselves.

Magicians are masters of Fire damage based spells, Situation pets for tanking and damage, Damage Shield buffs and summonable items. So first off you start in Feerrott, i would recommend using the PoK statue is a stone statue with a book on top to go to a safe zone for the use of getting set up and you can most likely get some buffs from other players if you ask.

Second: Always try and get the best Enhanced Minion Earring you can get for your level. They provide pet damage and stat buffs when you summon them. Also currently if you have EH the pet comes summoned with gear included. Just have to attach weapons. Huge aggro increase so make sure pet or tank can hold it. Can help with higher con and named mobs to save merc mana.

Replaced later by an AA. Helps with named and overall pet survival. Situational spell: Hulking Bodyguard - Places a buff on you that triggers when attack and summons a pet that will attack the target.Pauli - Kaiserslautern 11 October Russia.

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Everquest Leveling Guides

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